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GRWM Morning Skincare Routine

Hello Glowups! My first ever GRWM Morning Skincare Routine! Finally answering some of the long overdue Q&A’s and also sharing big adversities I had to overcome during the lockdown. And more importantly how are you doing? How are you taking care of yourself? Taking the time off for yourself? And putting your health first?

Take care with Self care by putting your mental, emotional and physical well being first.

I was really debating on sharing my story, being the private person that I am – I was struggling at the thought of “airing my dirty laundry” if you will. Although my story isn’t quite literally dirty or bad per se.. being vulnerable and having the courage to be open and sharing my story was a personal challenge.

But I needed to share my story, otherwise I wouldn’t be myself. And this would lend a voice to those going through similar healthy journeys as me that they are not alone.

And as you may already know, I am also on Versed’s Skin Team, and I really enjoy their products, and if it’s one thing that you know, I will always be honest and candid about products – no matter what. So I welcome you to shop some of my favorite products confidently, you can check out my bio here.

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So this GRWM Morning Skincare Routine video is one that is near and dear to my heart and I hope that you join me as I share my story.

Take the time off for yourself, take the time for yourself and put your health first.

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Be present in where you are and what you are doing so that you do not lose out on the moment.

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Take care with Self care.