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Hi There! I’m Yo! Welcome to my rebranded and refreshed @ownyoglow community. I really wanted to share my skincare journey, debunk alot of myths, educate (backed by science) and help you ownyoglow inside & out. It’s been a long journey to really appreciate and feel comfortable in my own skin, but here we are in 2020, feeling better than ever!

Follow me on Instagram for your daily dose of vitamin-ME (haha, pun intended) because I enjoy helping people learn about skin care, while discovering, trying, and reviewing new products, but most importanly helping you own your glow inside & out.

My personal style namesake brand formerly @msyoleecom had been an amazing seven years in the making while collaborating with some of my favorite brands; Puma, Unilever, Clinique, Poland Spring, Nivea, SkinCeuticals, Polaroid, MAC Cosmetics, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Geox, West Elm, Verizon, Oprah Magazine, BartenuraBlue, Beautycounter, Almond Breeze, Coca-Cola, Dr.Jart, Cuisinart, Macy’s, Warby Parker, Motorola, etc., to name a few. Guest Spoken at the Estée Lauder Companies a couple of times on being an Influencer at their Bobbi Brown Head Office to their Global Legal Counsel Executives and as a Guest Panelist for the Social Media landscape facilitated by New York Times Best-Selling Author on Multigenerational Work Expert, Lindsey Pollak at their Global Leadership Program in Bryn Mawr, PA, and featured in notable digital & print media. And during this lockdown I really focused on myself and well-being and felt like timing wise, this change could not have worked out more perfectly. I know a lot of you thought I was crazy to start over, but change can be a great thing, and this just felt right.

I really have a limited BS tolerance and you’ll quickly learn that my skincare POV is no different.

Also do reference the glossary I built up over the years whenever you are unsure of an ingredient – can you believe that it’s still a making in progress?! The list of ingredients just keeps on growing – it’s mind blowing!


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Now, it’s time to ownyoglow! Shop my favorite skincare products here!

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